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Louisa Sear {Retreats, Trainings & Workshops}

Yoga Arts offers the following Accredited Yoga Teacher Trainings. Students are accommodated at Darshana and at The Shala Bali, our affiliated Retreat property next door, where we have a beautiful large yoga studio for these events.

Yoga Arts has been dedicated to training Yoga Teachers for over 20 years.

Louisa Sear is the Founder, Director and course coordinator of Yoga Arts. Louisa has been practicing Yoga for 35 years and teaching nationally and internationally for over 30 years. Louisa and the Yoga Arts’ teaching faculty bring their passion and many years of experience to their internationally accredited Yoga Teacher Trainings and Yoga Holiday Retreats. Louisa holds the highest level of Accreditation with Yoga Alliance E-RYT500.

RYT 200

Level 1 Yoga Teacher Training
(200 hours Yoga Alliance Accreditation)

RYT 500

Level 2 Yoga Teacher Training
(300 hours Yoga Alliance Accreditation)

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Louisa Sear

Louisa Sear

Asana, Meditation, Pranayama, Self Inquiry, Ayurvedic Lifestyle, Course Coordinator, Founder and Director of Yoga Arts

Louisa has dedicated her life to the practice and teaching of Yoga. She is passionate in the inquiry to find one’s true nature and freedom. In her teaching, Louisa encourages the understanding and acceptance of life, finding the teacher within and acknowledging the God in all.

Louisa has had a committed Yoga Sadhana practice for 35 years. She teaches the principles of Tantric Advaita Philosophy and specializes in Self Inquiry, Yoga Therapy, Ayurveda Lifestyle, Mindful Vinyasa Asana, Pranayama & Meditation.

Louisa teaches Yoga Teacher Trainings, Yoga Retreats and Yoga Workshops around the Globe, encouraging students to develop a regular daily yoga and meditation practice. Louisa runs and is Course Coordinator of Yoga Arts.

Stuart Girling

Stuart Girling

Anatomy and Physiology

Stuart has a BSc in Health Studies and a MSc in Information Systems. He began his journey in health and fitness working as a personal trainer and then went on to qualify in Sports Massage and Injury Treatment , as well as, Advanced Medical Massage. For the last 7 years he has worked almost exclusively within the yoga community with yogis making up over 90% of his clients. Stuart has had a dedicated Ashtanga yoga practice for 9 years and an interest in anatomy that has spanned several decades.

Having already taught Swedish Massage and associated anatomy his love for both yoga and anatomy led to the natural progression of teaching Anatomy and Physiology for Yoga Teacher Trainings. In this endeavor he seeks to make anatomy accessible, fun and above all usable within a yoga context.

Emil Wendel

Emil Wendel

Yoga Philosophy, Meditation and Pranayama

Emil teaches yoga philosophy, meditation and pranayama on the Yoga Arts’ trainings. He has been living in Asia since the mid seventies, studying Indian thought as well as Chinese classical philosophy. His many years of residency in Nepal and India have brought about a passion for yoga, in particular, the aspects of breath and meditation in both the Buddhist and Hindu traditions. His courses offer a glimpse into the treasures of philosophy and their application in daily life, as yoga practice and ritual, all in the original context.

Anouk Pezouldt

Anouk Pezouldt

After attending my first class in Boston back in 1997 Yoga soon became a daily practice in and beyond its physical aspects. I then completed my first teacher training at Brahmani yoga in India in January 2009. Over the past 6 years, I have been teaching at several of Brahmani’s Teacher Training programs and public classes including  Asana, Pranayama and Meditation. I continue to keep learning from senior teachers and honor the wisdom they have accumulated throughout their years of Sadhana.

Working with breath, movement and meditation Yoga allows me to reach a center point in which I feel a sense of groundedness, joy and attentiveness.

I see teaching yoga as an act of giving and devotion and my intention is to guide and inform my students. I would like to encourage us to remain inquisitive and non-dogmatic along our journey. Ultimately, I endeavor to assist students to develop their own individual practice and carry the values of Yoga into their daily lives. I am currently assisting the Yoga Arts’ team on their 200 hour Yoga Teacher Trainings in Ubud, Bali.

Rose Baudin

Rose Baudin

Yoga Philosophy, Meditation, Pranayama, Ritual, Mantra and Agni Hotra (fire ceremony)

Rose Baudin has studied and practiced yoga for 43 years and has taught for 25 years. She met her mentor, Swami Gauribala, in Sri Lanka in 1971 and was initiated into the Parampara 1984. During the 16 years she lived in India, she was instructed by master teachers in various schools of yoga: Integral, Iyengar, Vini and Ashtanga, as well as, extensive meditation experience under the guidance of S.N. Goenka (Vipassana), Zen Master Hogen-san Yamahata (Soto) and Sayadaw U Janaka (Satipatthana Insight Meditation). She was introduced to and taught the ritual of Agni Hotra by Dr. Robert Svoboda who instructed her in the way of his mentor, the Aghori Vimalananda.

Since 1986, Rose has been based in Australia teaching yoga classes and meditation retreats. She is a senior teacher instructing and lecturing yoga philosophy and meditation for Yoga Arts – an Internationally Accredited School for Yoga Teacher Trainings. Rose has been conducting yoga intensives, residential retreats and seminars internationally for the past 20 years.

Jose Carlos Leal (Nikhil)

Jose Carlos Leal (Nikhil)

Asana Assistant and Teaching Methodology

As a child, in Brazil, Nikhil was introduced, by his mother, to the Brazilian Shamanic world of Native Indian and African Mythologies. At age 16 he discovered the world of Rosa Cruz. By 17 Nikhil pursued his passion in theater and for more than 25 years this became his vocation throughout Brazil, Italy and Germany. Nikhil’s love of Spirituality and creativity then took him to India, the motherland of Yoga. He studied at the SVYASA University in Bangalore focusing on meditation and 4 paths of Yoga.

A constant object of study for Nikhil is Eastern Philosophy including; the paths of the Sufis and Tao leading to one’s single point in life – joy and devotion to all living beings. Nikhil graduated as a RYT200 through Yoga Arts.


The Shala Bali > is a purpose built yoga center in a quiet village area of Ubud. The Yoga pavilion is open air with a wooden floor and has rice paddy field views. The rooms have a view of either rice paddy fields and coconut palms or the onsite 20 meter infinity line swimming pool. All rooms are tastefully furnished and have their own bathrooms. Free wifi is provided for our participants. Depending on enrollments participants are either accommodated at The Shala Bali > or Darshana > which is right next door to The Shala Bali.

Uniqueness of our trainings

The unique quality of Yoga Arts’ teacher trainings comes from the quality of teachers and from the years of teaching experience Yoga Arts has gained by specializing in Yoga Teacher Trainings. The Yoga Arts’ teaching staff has between 15 to 40 years of teaching experience and dedicated Sadhana behind them.

Point of difference for our Yoga Alliance Accredited 200 and 300 hour Yoga Teacher Trainings

  • We guarantee a quality training which exceeds the required hours set down by Yoga Alliance.
  • Our 200 hr TT: Has 57 extra contact hrs + 47.5 extra hrs with the Lead teacher (E-RYT500)
  • Yoga Arts has been dedicated to training Yoga Teachers for over 20 years and is passionate about providing a high standard of teacher training.


One of the main objectives, on the trainings, is to touch and experience Yoga first hand so that the deeper understanding of the essence of Yoga is felt and integrated. This takes place through the individual transformation that is encouraged and nurtured throughout the course.

With this understanding, we believe that graduates can then go out into the world and teach from their heart and from their own real understanding of Yoga, not just theoretical knowledge.

Teaching yoga takes passion, dedication, persistence and consistency of personal practice. Ultimately the objective of the Yoga Arts’ trainings is to train participants in quality, professionalism, safe and knowledgeable teaching skills and to offer, the teacher to be, as many available teaching tools as possible so that their teaching can be available to everyone. Most importantly, to bring about self responsibility, self understanding, spiritual maturity and awakening to the student.

The Yoga Arts’ trainings prepare the student on an inner reflective level to move towards a spiritual maturity and self-understanding.

Prerequisite Level 1 – 200 Hours Yoga AllianceRYT200

To be accepted onto the Yoga Arts level 1 training, students will need to have completed a minimum of 2 years consistent, dedicated yoga practice under the guidance of qualified yoga teacher(s). The student will also be required to provide Yoga Arts with 1 reference from the qualified yoga teacher they have been studying with.

About the Level 1 Training

This course offers you a comprehensive, practical training in how to teach Yoga. We welcome yoga practitioners who are ready to refine their skills, in the art of teaching Yoga, and also those who would simply like to deepen their Yoga knowledge and practice. On completion of our Level 1 Training, graduates will be able to register with Yoga Alliance as a RYT200.

For participants with less experience, this course will offer a deepening of knowledge and inner inquiry as a stepping stone toward teaching. Teaching Yoga takes many years of passionate dedication, persistence and consistency of practice.This level 1 course offers you a comprehensive, philosophical, theoretical and practical training in how to practice and teach Yoga.

Prerequisite Level 2 – 300 Hours Yoga Alliance

RYT300To be accepted onto the Yoga Arts’ Level 2 training, students will need to have completed a Level 1 or a 200 hours Yoga Alliance accredited training with Yoga Arts or any Yoga Alliance Accredited Yoga Teacher Training School. Your certificate will need to be sighted by Yoga Arts.

Upon successful completion of the Yoga Arts’ level 1 (200 hours) and the level 2 (300 hours) training, the successful student will have achieved a total of 500 hours of Yoga Alliance accredited Yoga Teacher Training hours and will be eligible to register with Yoga Alliance as a RYT500 (fee applies).

About the Level 2 Training

The level 2 Yoga Teacher training is designed for yoga teachers that would like to broaden and deepen their knowledge and skills in the Art of Teaching Yoga. Emphasis on the level 2 training is on professional development, communication, teaching methodology, yoga therapy, anatomy of hatha yoga and yoga philosophy. The teachers completing this training will gain the necessary skills to teach yoga safely and effectively to a broad range of students.

Level 2 Yoga Teacher Trainings are taught every 2 years

Please check the Yoga Arts website for future Level 2 training dates FOR MORE INFORMATION CLICK HERE

General overview of course contents for level 1 and level 2 YTT’s

Meditation – guided meditation techniques
Pranayama – guided breathing techniques
Asana – yoga postures vinyasa style with focus on alignment
Techniques – alignment, modifications
Teaching Methodology – prop usage, sequencing, adjusting skills, asana & body assessment, personal programs, teaching beginners, injury prevention
Practical Application – practical teaching
Yoga Ethics & Professional Development – ethics related to Yoga teachers
Self Inquiry & Yoga Lifestyle – self analysis & deeper understanding of Self
Yoga Philosophy – Advaita & Tantra, Mantra, Chanting, Bhajans, Nadis, Chakras, Yamas & Niyamas, introduction to Ayurveda Lifestyle
Anatomy of Hatha Yoga – the skeletal, muscular, respiratory, nervous & endocrine systems including movement of joints
Therapeutic Yoga – safely working with students with injuries
Communication – how to be clear, confident and concise with your teaching instruction

Level 2 specific subjects

  • Advanced anatomy of Hatha Yoga
  • Personal program teaching
  • Ritual & mantra
  • Therapeutic Yoga
  • Practical assessment
  • Long periods of meditation & self inquiry
  • Ayurveda Lifestyle

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